Sunday, September 26, 2010

That doesn't even make SENSE!

This one I think needs a bit of explanation. After Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (which no matter what ANYONE says, with the way that is written it should either be 'three hundred fifty-eight half days', or 'three hundred fifty-eight over two days') came out, we could not help but mock it horribly for its weird title, and the fact that we can never remember it (seriously, I had to look at the box to type the title). Around the house it became known by wide variety of epithets, including Kingdom Hearts 3 tablespoons of shortening and a sack full of Etch a sketches. Even though the latest sequel, which is actually a prequal, has a relatively normal name, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the damage has been done. With that in mind, enjoy!


Boyfriend: When does Kingdom Hearts Kaleidoscopic Enema Bag come out?

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