Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't look at me, I don't get ANY of that reference.

Boyfriend: Eric Estrada is just waiting for the sweet, sweet embrace of death. He wonders why it came for his career, but didn't take him with it. At night he just lays in bed, petting the helmet from his C.H.I.P.S. uniform and cries. When he gets up in the morning sometimes he puts on the costume from the show and gets on his motorcycle, only it isn't really his motorcycle, it's an old schwin bicycle that he thinks is the state trooper bike from the show. It's fine until he gets on the freeway and tries to pull people over, but he just pedals and pedals as fast as he can, but in spite of pedaling his little heart out, he can never catch them. The real state troopers find him eventually, but they don't even bother to arrest him, they just take the handles and walk him home. after that he just sits in the closet and sniffs hair gel until he passes out.

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