Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mangnish Weekends - he makes my head hurt...

Boyfriend: Son gato de la pantelones, de diablo.
Me: Would you like to know exactly what you just said?
Boyfriend: Sure.
Me: What you said was, "They are cat of the (singular) pants of devil."
Boyfriend: So it should have been "Yo soy gato del pantelones CON diablo."
Me: Do you realized that all you did was change "They are" to "I am" and "of" to "with"?
Boyfriend: Oh, well, I should have gone with the first one then... Ah well, es muyo bueno.
Me: No baby, es muy malo.
Boyfriend: It's very blue?
Me: ... *stare*
Boyfriend: Well it was either going to be that or "It's very Wednesday."

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